Air Tube Headsets Cuts Mobile Phone Radiation

Air-tube headsets are the most effective way to reduce exposure from the microwave emissions from your Smartphone. Using an air tube cuts exposure to microwave radiation by over 99%. Our air headset replaces the need to have an electrical cable, powerful magnet or the phone next to your ear thereby cutting phone radiation and EMF’s to almost zero, helping guard against mobile phone health risks compared to normal phone use.

Designed for the UK market and fully tested the air headset is the perfect way to cut phone radiation emissions when making calls on your mobile phone. The airtube headset delivers crystal clear sound through an air filled tube, has a built-in microphone and an ergonomically shaped ear bud for optimal wearing comfort.

Reasons not to put a mobile phone against your body….

Using a mobile phone against the body exposes the user to microwave radiation that exceeds government’s safety limits. Most people, especially children and young adults, carry and use their phones directly against their bodies. Consumers are not aware that using a mobile phone while in a shirt or trousers pocket, or tucked into a waistband or bra, is a potentially unsafe method; warnings are hidden in the legal fine print of manuals and on phone manufacturer websites where in most cases people don’t read them.

Studies show reduced fertility for men who carry and use mobile phones in their pockets; breast cancer surgeons have reported unusual breast tumours in young women who carry their phones in their bras. Yale University in the States recently released results from a study that concluded that exposure to radiation from mobile phones during pregnancy was found to affect the brain development of offspring resulting in hyperactivity and other behavioural abnormalities.

Other serious health problems associated with mobile phone usage include acoustic neuroma, eye, breast, salivary gland, rectal, testicular cancer, prostate cancer; short-term memory loss, sleep and attention disturbances, headache, hearing loss and cognitive impairments.

Many published studies over the past 20 years have shown DNA damage and disruption of the blood brain barrier at levels 500 times lower than the government's exposure limit.

Scientific studies corroborating these and other serious health risks can be found at, and
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