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The team at ‘air®’ are dedicated to designing products that represent a unique perspective in a crowded market place, ways of differentiating, bringing value and innovation for use with most current Smartphones with 3.5mm sockets, including iPhone, Blackberry, Samsung, Xperia and HTC. The latest generation of the ‘air®’ earphone/headphone reproduces powerful, dynamic hi-fi sound with comfort and style..… Other manufacturers improve their earphones by using larger more powerful speakers which can result in heavier permanent magnets; it’s a compromise as earphones have to fit within the ear! The “air®” range of earphones are different, we have taken the electronics and magnets away from the ear, this has been achieved by using a specialised (SlickSwitch®) module that changes the electrical signal coming from the phone into airwaves which then travel through a precisely matched airtube to the ear. The concept has a number of exciting advantages including dynamic sound, less weight (the single ear version weighs 8 grams) ideal for music or taking the next call. It also replaces the need to have an electrical cable or phone next to the ear which reduces emissions and magnetic energy from the phone to almost zero.

Air earphones are perfect for business users who use their phones for prolonged periods, with crystal clear sound and ease of use conference calls will become a pleasure with the added benefit of reduced phone emissions by over 99.9%.

‘air®’ is a division of Rowtex Ltd established for over 25 years providing quality led innovative products matched by superb customer service recognised in the many testimonials we receive. Our first ‘air®’ headset was launched in 2010 and since then it has been enhanced to improve sound quality, design, usability and weight.


The small print …. Rowtex Limited is a company registered in England and Wales. Company number 2311427, VAT Registration Number 652828321. 45 Waverley Road, Weybridge, Surrey KT13 8UT. 020 8398 9925






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