FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Mobile phone dangers?

Many Doctors, Scientists and Academics are concerned about the possible long term dangers of mobile phone use. The phone manufacturers themselves warn in the instructions not to put an operating phone next to the body! Using an Air2Hear headset reduces the microwave emissions by over 99% compared to putting a phone to your ear.

What type of microphone is used with the air® earphones

The air® earphone uses an omnidirectional, in-line microphone. This type of microphone picks up sound from any direction, regardless of where the microphone is pointed.


How do I connect the air earphones to my Smartphone

The air earphone plugs into your Smartphone using its 3.5mm plug. Compatible with most current Smartphones with 3.5mm sockets, including iPhone, Blackberry, Samsung, Xperia and HTC.


Can I listen to music through air® earphones

Certainly, the air® earphones are designed for music or speech, they have a wide frequency response (20 – 20,000Hz) resulting in superb reproduction.


What is the difference between the mono (single ) and stereo versions

Both offer identical features, in-line microphone, SlickSwitch® conversion module, air tube ear-piece, ultra-light weight and the added benefit of reducing phone emissions to almost zero. The stereo version has the added benefit of being able to listen to music in stereo as well as the ability of receiving and making phone calls.

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